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Spatial Regression Analysis.

A collection of all the estimation functions for spatial cross-sectional models (on lattice/areal data using spatial weights matrices) contained up to now in 'spdep', 'sphet' and 'spse'. These model fitting functions include maximum likelihood methods for cross-sectional models proposed by 'Cliff' and 'Ord' (1973, ISBN:0850860369) and (1981, ISBN:0850860814), fitting methods initially described by 'Ord' (1975) . The models are further described by 'Anselin' (1988) . Spatial two stage least squares and spatial general method of moment models initially proposed by 'Kelejian' and 'Prucha' (1998) and (1999) are provided. Impact methods and MCMC fitting methods proposed by 'LeSage' and 'Pace' (2009) are implemented for the family of cross-sectional spatial regression models. Methods for fitting the log determinant term in maximum likelihood and MCMC fitting are compared by 'Bivand et al.' (2013) , and model fitting methods by 'Bivand' and 'Piras' (2015) ; both of these articles include extensive lists of references. 'spatialreg' >= 1.1-* correspond to 'spdep' >= 1.1-1, in which the model fitting functions are deprecated and pass through to 'spatialreg', but will mask those in 'spatialreg'. From versions 1.2-*, the functions will be made defunct in 'spdep'.

Maintainer: Roger Bivand
Author(s): Roger Bivand [cre, aut] (<>), Gianfranco Piras [aut], Luc Anselin [ctb], Andrew Bernat [ctb], Eric Blankmeyer [ctb], Yongwan Chun [ctb], Virgilio Gmez-Rubio [ctb], Daniel Griffith [ctb], Martin Gubri [ctb], Rein Halbersma [ctb], James LeSage [ctb], Angela Li [ctb], Jielai Ma [ctb], Abhirup Mallik [ctb, trl], Giovanni Millo [ctb], Kelley Pace [ctb], Pedro Peres-Neto [ctb], Mauricio Sarrias [ctb], JuanTomas Sayago [ctb], Michael Tiefelsdorf [ctb]

License: GPL-2

Uses: boot, coda, expm, gmodels, LearnBayes, MASS, Matrix, nlme, spData, spdep, foreign, lmtest, sandwich, spam, knitr, tmap, RSpectra, sf
Reverse depends: GWmodel, lagsarlmtree
Reverse suggests: prabclus, spData, spdep
Reverse enhances: MuMIn

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